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6/11/2015 - Beijing is enjoying rare phenomena:
Blue skies and rainbows

5/27/2015 - Energy industry calls for climate deal in Paris
To support low carbon investment

5/18/2015 - 4 ways to invest in the low-carbon economy
Sustainability, renewable energy and climate change mitigation

5/2/2015 - Climate Change Will Greatly Impact Australians' Health
Extreme weather events, food and water supplies disrupt

4/20/2015 - Railway minister advocates use of solar, wind energy
New Delhi

4/1/2015 - As Sea Stars Die, New Worries About Urchins
Urchins are losing their spines and dying

3/23/2015 - Earth at Risk in New Epoch Ruled by Destructive Humans
A new Anthropocene epoch has succeeded the Holoscene

3/17/2015 - 4 Ways Car-Share Services May Increase Greenhouse Gases
Cars and Climate Change

2/27/2015 - Reactor scanners another Fukushima failure
Cutting-edge technology

2/5/2015 - Dire Warnings on Climate Change for Australia
Local scientists predict severe effects for the country

1/30/2015 - Efficiency campaign aims to cut building energy use by 25 percent
There are more gains to be made

1/22/2015 - How human activity influences climate change
Eco Talk

1/21/2015 - Fight climate change by eating less meat
A milking dairy cow drinks at least 30 gallons of water a day

1/18/2015 - Obama speech to detail proposals affecting Florida
Methane emissions regulations

1/12/2015 - What Nigerians need to know about biosafety bill
Experts enumerate

1/2/2015 - New law means higher gas prices for Californians
Cap-and-Trade Program

12/29/2014 - Commission set to vote on low-carbon fuel standard
Critics say it will increase the price of fuel

11/27/2014 - Engineers Australia commits to a low-carbon future
Sustainability and climate change mitigation at the core

7/10/2014 - Small nuclear reactors may be the key to a low-carbon future
Greatly reduced construction cost

6/4/2014 - California governor applauds global warming fight
"It shows the administration is willing to confront climate change"

4/15/2014 - LCV2014 to include Low Carbon Vehicle Dinner and Awards
For the first time at this year's LCV2014 Low Carbon Vehicle Event

4/7/2014 - Time is running out to cut use of fossil fuels
Draft UN study shows

3/10/2014 - Marathon soliloquy on global warming / Poll
Whitehouse to lead 28 colleagues in

1/6/2014 - Thank Global Warming for Freezing You Right Now
The North Pole is moving south thanks to climate change.

12/4/2013 - UK to be the ohm of low carbon electricity
Investment of £40bn in renewable electricity generation

11/18/2013 - The myth of the global warming 'pause'
Temperatures continue to rise as fast as previous decades

11/1/2013 - True low-carbon lifestyles are hard to find in cities

9/27/2013 - UN climate panel blames humans for global warming
Prospects are even more pessimistic than projected in 2007

8/17/2013 - Turkish President Gül urges adoption of low-carbon economy
Reducing the share of fossil fuels

6/17/2013 - Beijing to observe Low Carbon Day
23rd energy-saving promotion week

6/16/2013 - Global warming sees Bangladesh river destroying villages
Flood and erosion problems

5/23/2013 - Switch to low-carbon future would save households £1,600
Study's conclusions clash with the pursuit of gas

5/19/2013 - Local energy use appears to be declining as residents conserve
The green effect

5/19/2013 - Human disaster looms, claims new research
Climate change

5/17/2013 - Scientists agree on global warming
97.1% endorsed that humans are causing global warming

4/14/2013 - Millions in Asia face starvation by 2050 due to global warming
Food production will have to rise 60 per cent by 2050

3/14/2013 - UK's failure to commit to low carbon energy is 'driving up bills'
There is no incentive for industry to invest

2/11/2013 - Time to recognize it's global warming and make changes
It's time to act

1/16/2013 - US experts see more global warming
Continental US experienced its warmest year on record

10/7/2012 - Global warming and mass extinction of life on earth
Large quantities of CO2 can be released by volcanic activity

9/5/2012 - Government invest £9m in low carbon energy storage
UK in a competitive position on a growing low carbon market

6/22/2012 - Industry reaction to London Stock Exchange GHG disclosure
Mandatory reporting can raise public awareness

6/13/2012 - Greenhouse gases largely to blame for warming oceans
US-led study concluded that warming is man-made

6/13/2012 - Developing Asia needs low carbon path to growth
Energy access without compromising sustainability

5/29/2012 - Asia-Pacific must adopt low carbon policies to sustain growth
Lifting people out of poverty and achieving sustainable devpt

4/10/2012 - Global sustainable tourism one step away
GHG emissions cap will be an increase in the price of travel

3/2/2012 - Climate Change: Insurers Confirm Growing Risks, Costs
Sustainability and the growing financial impact

11/6/2011 - The dark side of the 'Green' City
Tech should take into account low-income residents needs

8/2/2011 - Shanghai Stock Exchange to Launch Index for Low-Carbon Companies
Low Carbon Economy stocks are identified by SSE

7/4/2011 - State government under pressure to explain how it will cut emissions
It requires the government to cut the state's emissions by a fifth by 2020 and empowers the Environment Protection Authority to regulate emissions from industry

7/3/2011 - Low carbon society
Ultimate choice of the present

6/21/2011 - Heat Will Kill More Than Cold in Europe Eventually
The study suggests that by 2070, global warming may cause 15,000 more temperature-related deaths a year in Europe

6/21/2011 - Marine life facing mass extinction
Marine life is under severe threat from global warming, pollution and habitat loss, with a high risk of "major extinctions"

6/21/2011 - China pledges its urbanization drive to be low-carbon
China will push for the use of clean power and energy-saving technologies in its massive urbanization drive across the country over the next five years

6/17/2011 - Dramatic climate shifts due to global warming
Sharp shift between drought and flood in East and Central China was a result of global warming, Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday

6/17/2011 - Global warming sharply reduces crop output
Global warming is not only playing havoc with lives of people but also damaging agriculture badly

6/14/2011 - Improving utilisation of fossil energy
The Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Dhanbad, aims at providing R&D inputs for the entire coal-energy chain, from mining to consumption

6/13/2011 - How to power the future in a low-carbon way
Nobel laureate among those participating in UBC summit addressing sustainable energy issues

6/9/2011 - Europe needs a new energy architecture
EU seeks a balanced, diversified mix of energy sources, including nuclear, gas, clean coal and renewable

3/18/2011 - India outgrows US in energy efficiency
India's energy efficiency is likely to grow faster than any other country

3/17/2011 - Global warming affects us mentally too
Experts say that depressed and maniac people become worse with seasonal changes

3/12/2011 - EPA must take more action on global warming
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is planning to limit global warming pollution from big fossil fuel industries like power plants and petroleum refineries

3/12/2011 - The Japanese Quake: Another Ice Age Precursor?
Let's think about it

3/11/2011 - New Commission Confronts Threats To Food Security From Climate Change
Experts from 6 continents are set to produce policy recommendations for boosting food production in face of harsher climates, increasing populations, scarce resources

3/11/2011 - European Businesses Show Big Appetite For Investing In Low Carbon Tech
More than 150 proposals for large-scale demonstration projects involving innovative renewable energy and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies have been submitted under the EU's "NER 300" programme

3/11/2011 - Regulators: Utility mergers must benefit environment
Massachusetts regulators are adopting a new standard for approving utility mergers by requiring companies prove the merger will help the state meet its goal of increasing its reliance on renewable energy sources and cutting greenhouse gas emissions

3/8/2011 - UK Govt turns a new page on green policy
The carbon plan proposes a shift in the way electricity is generated by switching from fossil fuels to low carbon alternatives, in the way homes and businesses are heated and insulated and in the way people travel

3/7/2011 - The battle for change
With the world facing a shift from traditional power industries into greener and low carbon technologies, there exists an enormous opportunity for policy-makers to shape the future of the planet and its inhabitants

3/7/2011 - China's challenge to Europe
The ambitious green goals in China's new five-year plan are a test for EU leadership

3/7/2011 - Higher prices feed food-versus-fuel fight
Official says corn for ethanol, livestock not conflicting

3/7/2011 - The Danger Lurking in Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
The energy efficiency of CFLs may be significant, but unlike traditional light bulbs, there is a hidden danger sealed inside each little bulb that requires special handling and disposal

3/5/2011 - Paper on global warming warns of catastrophe
The heat waves, floods and forest fires would also destroy human habitats and also cause unpredictable epidemic diseases

3/4/2011 - New Benchmarking Law Has City Buildings Track Energy, Water Use
A new city law aims to cut down on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by New York City's buildings

3/4/2011 - United Nations Hopes Rio 2012 Can Chart New Pathways to Green
Low-Carbon Economy as Preparatory Committee Meets at Headquarters, 7-8 March

2/20/2011 - Man-made global warming on downpours often cause extreme rain
"We ought to continue to expect increased flooding related with increased extreme precipitation simply because of increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas. And we have no one to blame but ourselves."

2/18/2011 - House votes to block EPA's global warming power
The Republican-controlled House has voted to block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases that scientists say cause global warming

2/16/2011 - Bills now in Congress to stop EPA's All-Pain, No-Gain climate rules
The rules to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources will have a more severe effect on jobs, household income, and economic growth than even cap and trade

2/13/2011 - Global warming is no laughing matter
In 2010 the carbon dioxide level reached 392 parts per million. For the past 420,000 years it was 325 ppm or less.

2/13/2011 - Sanity slowly returning to global warming policy
Oettinger predicted that what is left of European industry would flee the continent and move to Asia if that happens. The net result would be loss of jobs and economic vitality in Europe and quite possibly even more emissions because Asian countries will not impose such draconian reductions on industry

2/11/2011 - Obama Regs On Global Warming, Greenhouse Gas Is Based Upon Hot Air
If the regulations come to fruition, it will cost consumers billions of dollars in increased energy costs and the economic ramifications could greatly increase unemployment

2/11/2011 - Climate Change to Worsen Severe Water Shortages in US Southwest
The fact there are too many people vying for limited resources in the region have lead experts to predict a major water shortfall that will cost billions to ameliorate

2/8/2011 - Global warming can't wait
If sea level rise continues at it present rate, 33 percent of coastal land and wetland habitats will be lost in the next 100 years

2/8/2011 - Science of climate change is clear
Although some scientific uncertainties remain, the main message is absolutely clear: unless we take urgent action to dramatically reduce emissions, future generations will suffer the consequences of our carbon-intensive behaviour

2/7/2011 - Global warming a hard sell
Even if Mr. Gore were eventually proved right, there's no political solution to global warming

2/7/2011 - Global warming to affect wheat output In India
With the global warming destined to go strong, India wheat output may be affected by the phenomenon; quantity-wise and quality-wise

2/7/2011 - Virtual centre at IIT-B mooted to provide climate solutions
IITs can provide a knowledge management forum to identify and debate technology, policy, finance, and communication and education issues

2/3/2011 - Government's global warming adviser Ross Garnaut warns of worse natural disasters to come
Prof Garnaut said climate change caused by global warming would increase the incidence of severe weather features and cause bigger natural disasters

2/2/2011 - More Energy Conservation Stimulus Needed in China
Economic development plans in China need to further promote a low carbon economy, says a new WWF report

2/2/2011 - China's Coming Green Boom
Policymakers in China are thrashing out the details of the next five-year plan. Will it set the country on the path toward a green economy?

2/2/2011 - Recognizing that it's time to act on global warming
Big cities around the world have been urged by scientists to do what they can to minimize their "heat island" effect

1/28/2011 - Rep. Miller takes on EPA gas regulations
Gas regulations full of hot air, lawmakers say

1/27/2011 - Whether or not it's a hoax, global warming is inevitable
Believer or non-believer, there is no denying that it will affect your life

1/27/2011 - More stimulus needed for energy conservation in China
Economic development plans in China need to further promote a low carbon economy

1/26/2011 - Pollution Is Bad for Stocks, Says UC Davis Study
According a report released by UC Davis scientists Monday, greenhouse emission levels have a "significant effect" on the value of a publicly-traded company's stock, after controlling for other factors like earnings

1/26/2011 - Green Growth, South Korea's National Policy, Gaining Global Attention
A new economic paradigm is arising out of the ashes of the global financial crisis. Could it take hold?

1/25/2011 - Business is tackling climate change while the world waits
Beyond slow-moving and bureaucratic global agreements something fascinating is happening

1/24/2011 - Rising fuel prices 'to increase popularity of low carbon vehicles'
Rising fuel prices are likely to encourage more people to turn to green motors in the coming months

1/23/2011 - Nuclear power generators will face £1bn in clean-up costs after an accident
At present any operator of a nuclear site only has to pay the first £140m towards clean-up costs with the taxpayer contributing the rest

1/23/2011 - Climate change: Dogs of law are off the leash
Climate-change litigation is fast emerging as a new frontier of law where some believe hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake

1/22/2011 - Inaction in the face of global warming imperils our survival
The largest problem humanity will face this century is rising global temperatures

1/22/2011 - Does Helping the Planet Hurt the Poor?
No, if the West Makes Sacrifices.

1/20/2011 - Captains of industry must change their investment priorities
Major companies still prioritise traditional high-carbon ventures over genuine green growth

1/20/2011 - Clean Air Act: Wrong Tool for Controlling Global Warming
In order to force adequate controls, EPA must resort to contrived uses of the law to achieve a common-sense goal

1/19/2011 - Campaign for green growth
With the UK seen to be lagging behind Germany in the race to become a green technology leader, the Carbon Trust is lobbying government through its new Green Growth Alliance

1/19/2011 - Reported Leak Casts Doubt on Favored Solution for Global Warming
Since 1997, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has been promoting experiments to capture carbon dioxide gas (CO2), compress it into a liquid, and bury it a mile below ground

1/18/2011 - Shop till you stop global warming
Everything we buy has an impact on the planet but shopping ethically has never been more confusing.

1/18/2011 - UK Eager to Develop Energy Saving Market
47 million electric meters across Britain will be replaced creating a market worth about 13 billion US dollars

1/17/2011 - All Politics Is Global
The principle of common but differentiated responsibility, the cornerstone of the Kyoto Protocol, reflects historical reality. However, implementing the principle is near impossible in a world defined by states, which militate against a sense of global responsibility.

1/15/2011 - Taking the effects of global warming seriously
There are a few things you might want to consider before you make up your mind

1/14/2011 - Low-carbon: A trillion miles begins with a single step
Paul Morrell's ideas for getting construction to help deliver a low carbon future are light on design

1/14/2011 - Global climate hotter, wettest
UN climate science panel said the weather was likely to be more extreme this century because of a buildup of gases released by burning fossil fuels and forest destruction

1/12/2011 - Global warming portends new threat to life
As global climatic conditions worsen and put the world in jeopardy, local environmentalists have warned that global warming could be heralding a new threat to life on earth

1/5/2011 - Is Global Warming Making Tibet Dustier?
Changes in wind patterns caused by global warming may be making the area dustier

1/4/2011 - Forgotten in the gas rush
Israel's reserves of natural gas and oil shale have the potential to end the country's dependence on foreign energy sources

1/4/2011 - Remember the "Green economy"?
When the global bank HSBC came to name its latest report on the green economy, "Glimmer amid the gloom" was its optimistic choice.

1/3/2011 - Securing Europe's Energy Supply
The priorities for European energy policy in the coming years

1/1/2011 - As we count the cost of the freeze, Government prepares for global warming
The authorities continue to prepare for 'rising temperatures' despite a succession of unprecedentedly cold winters, says Christopher Booker

1/1/2011 - Industrial Farming and Climate Change
Whether you believe the evidence of global atmospheric warming or not, there is overwhelming evidence that changes are occuring in our climate

12/30/2010 - Global warming presentation to be held Jan. 9
The presentation and discussion, sponsored by Pascack Sustainability Group, examines the realities of climate change and highlights the great success people around the world are having implementing solutions

12/30/2010 - Farming News
IBERS aims to set record straight on methane emissions

12/28/2010 - Ofgem warns local power grid operators
Britain's local power distributors have been warned they risk stiff fines unless they report breaches of their network maintenance obligations promptly to the industry regulator

12/28/2010 - Why we owe Africa for climate-change costs
As simple as the physics is the moral responsibility we have to poor nations struggling with the effects of climate change

12/26/2010 - Bundle Up, It's Global Warming
As global temperatures have warmed and as Arctic sea ice has melted over the past two and a half decades, more moisture has become available to fall as snow over the continents

12/26/2010 - After a wasted year, climate change must once again be our priority
There is no doubt that greenhouse gas emissions are rising remorselessly. We must sideline the sceptics

12/22/2010 - Business should lead on global warming, says U.N. climate secretary
Private businesses are better placed than governments to tackle global warming because they can act faster

12/20/2010 - Last Potential Barrier to Implementation of EPA Climate Rules Falls
EPA has suggested in federal guidance that energy efficiency will be the primary BACT for facilities like coal-fired power plants, and has sought to quell concerns that BACT considerations in general would be onerous

12/20/2010 - Country Profile: Australia
Australia sets its sights on renewables yet carbon legislation holds the key and the green party may hold the cards

12/20/2010 - We have to deal with a changing climate
The recent Cancun Summit on climate change is likely to be looked back upon in years to come as a seminal moment.

12/19/2010 - Break new barriers of science to succeed: Sibal
New frontiers of science will have to be conquered to overcome challenges posed to humans in the 21st century and nations will have to collaborate to achieve the goal

12/15/2010 - Clean Energy Standards: Making Electricity Prices Skyrocket
The federal government is ultimately responsible for the long-term-consistent policy for energy companies, Secretary of Energy Chu said